Our Philosophy

Since the discovery of horse’s usefulness to man, we have sought out more effective ways to bend them to our will.  Many of the traditional methods of training involved forceful, coercive and often inhumane tactics to gain control of the horse through domination.  Though there are many traditional training tactics still being used, I believe the shift towards gentler methods has already begun.  It is not that some of these traditional techniques are ineffective, simply that they are becoming less accepted by the horse owners paying the bill.

Partnership based training has been around for thousands of years.   From the works of the Greek General Xenophon, who wrote of many of the same principles in 360 B.C.,to the famous horses of the Spanish riding school, to the practices of the California Vaqueros.  While each of these forms of horsemanship in history may have had different tactics to achieve the desired result they also had one commonality, they learned to work with the nature of the horse instead of against it.

As a student of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre, I learned a lot about the methods utilized by "natural horsemanship" trainers as well as theory behind it.  Dr. Ron Meredith the founder and president of the school is another innovator of the horse training world. He developed a system of training which he calls “Heeding”.  Heeding uses methodically applied pressure to create shapes that the horse can understand.  This is a horse communication system that proceeds in small, horse-logical steps that never create fear or antagonism in the horse.


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